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Jesenko, Alexandra: Die topoteretai im spätantiken und früharabischen Ägypten (published)
judicial system
Jursa, Michael/Johannes Hackl: Rhetorics, Politeness, Persuasion and Argumentation in Late Babylonian Epistolography. The Contrast Between Official Correspondence and Private Letters (published)
Jursa, Michael/Schmidl, Martina: Babylonia as a Source of Imperial Revenue from Cyrus to Xerxes (published)
Jursa, Michael/Tost, Sven: The State and Dependent Labour in the Ancient Near East and in the Graeco-Roman World. Version 02
Jursa, Michael/Wagensonner, Klaus: The Estates of Šamaš on the Ḫābūr (published)
Jursa, Michael: Ein Beamter flucht auf Aramäisch: Alphabetschreiber in der spätbabylonischen Epistolographie und die Rolle des Aramäischen in der babylonischen Verwaltung des sechsten Jahrhunderts v. Chr. (published)
Jursa, Michael: Epistolographic evidence for trips to Susa by Borsippean priests and for the crisis in Borsippa at the beginning of Xerxes’ reign (published)
Jursa, Michael: Families, Officialdom and Families of Royal Officials in Chaldean and Achaemenid Babylonia. Version 01
Jursa, Michael: L'economia babilonese nel sesto secolo a.C.: crescita economica in contesto imperiale (The Babylonian economy in the sixth century BC: economic growth in an imperial context) (published)
Jursa, Michael: The Lost State Correspondence of the Babylonian Empire as Reflected in Contemporary Administrative Letters (published)
Jursa, Michael: The Neo-Babylonian empire (published)
Jursa, Michael: The state and its subjects under the Neo-Babylonian empire (Version 01)