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Palme, Bernhard: Byzantinisches Ägypten. Der Beitrag der Papyri zur Geschichte des frühbyzantinischen Reiches. Version 01.
Palme, Bernhard: Die bilinguen Prozeßprotokolle und die Reform der Amtsjournale im spätantiken Ägypten. Version 01
Palme, Bernhard: Die Organisation der Statthalterbüros im spätantiken Ägypten (published)
Palme, Bernhard: Die Reform der ägyptischen Lokalverwaltung unter Philippus Arabs. Version 01
Palme, Bernhard: Eingaben an Militärs im spätantiken Ägypten. Version 01
Palme, Bernhard: Emotional Strategies in Petitions of Dioscorus of Aphroditê. Version 01.
Palme, Bernhard: Notitia dignitatum (published)
Palme, Bernhard: Papyri and Papyrology. Version 01
Palme, Bernhard: Political Identity versus Religious Distinction? The Case of Egypt in the Later Roman Empire. (published)
Palme, Bernhard: Public Memory and Public Dispute. Council Minutes between Roman Egypt and the Dead Sea (published)
Palme, Bernhard: Roman Litigation – Reports of Court Proceedings (published)
Palme, Bernhard: Staat und Gesellschaft des spätantiken Ägypten im Spiegel der Papyri (published)
Palme, Bernhard: The Administration of Egypt in Late Antiquity (published)
Palme, Bernhard: The Province of Arcadia (published)
Pirngruber, Reinhard - šulmu iâši libbaka lu ṭābka – The interaction between the Neo–Assyrian king and the outside world
Pirngruber, Reinhard - šulmu iâši libbaka lu ṭābka – The interaction between the Neo–Assyrian king and the outside world. Version 01.
Pirngruber, Reinhard - Towards a Framework for Interpreting Social and Economic Change in Babylonia during the Long 6th Century BC
Pirngruber, Reinhard, with a contribution by Sven Tost: Police forces in first millennium BC Babylonia and beyond (published)
Pirngruber, Reinhard: Arabs in Late First Millenium BC Babylonia. Version 00.
Pirngruber, Reinhard: Land and Power in a Northian Perspective: State Building and its Reflection in Private Archives from 1st millennium BC Babylonia. Version 01
Pirngruber, Reinhard: Rezension zu Heller, A., Das Babylonien der Spätzeit (7.-4. Jh.) in den klassischen und keilschriftlichen Quellen (Version 01)
Pirngruber, Reinhard: The Value of Silver: Wages as Guides to the Standard of Living in 1st Millennium BC Babylonia and Beyond (Version 01)
Pirngruber, Reinhard: “The king paid no heed to any of the words we sent before” – The communication between the early Sargonids and Babylonian notables. Version 01
Politics, Power
Procházka, Stephan/Ursula Bsees: Performatives in Arabic Administrative Speech (published)
Procházka, Stephan: The Story of Sālim az-Zīr Abū Laylā al-Muhalhil in Cilician Arabic. Version 01