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Reinfandt, Lucian/Hodecek, Sandra: Handlist of Published Arabic Papyri from the Vienna Collection (Austrian National Library). Version 07

Abstract: The list was originally published by Lucian Reinfandt as a “Handlist of Published Arabica from the Vienna Papyrus Collection (Austrian National Library)” in the Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes (= Festschrift for Hermann Hunger) 97 (2007), pp. 138–172. In the meantime Arabic papyrology has not come to a halt, and a considerable number of new editions, corrections of older ones and other extensions could be taken up into this list thereby producing an update that is designed to substitute the older version. – We are indebted to the Editors of the Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes (Markus Köhbach, Stephan Procházka, Gebhard J. Selz, Rüdiger Lohlker) for their consent of republication. Work on the update of this list has been made possible by funding through the Austrian Research Fund (FWF) in the course of the National Research Netword (NFN) “Imperium and Officium: Comparative Studies in Ancient Bureaucracy and Officialdom”.

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