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Resel, Markus: Syndikoi, Ekdikoi und Defensores Civitatis in Prozessprotokollen aus der Provinz/Diözese Ägypten. Version 01

Abstract: Private persons and office holders with the denotations or titles syndikos, ekdikos and defensor civitatis turn up regularly in Greek papyri during the Roman period. They appear as private representatives in court proceedings, as appointed agents of their civitas, or as defensor of common people. This paper deals with two of the many aspects that concern the historical development of syndikoi, ekdikoi and defensores civitatis. First, a comprehensive list and characterisation of all private represenatives named ekdikos from the 1st to the 4th centuries CE. Second, the text, commentary and german translation of all post-diocletian minutes of court-proceedings which include in some function a syndikos, ekdikos or defensor. Both combined represent the basis for further research into the historical development, continuities and changes of an important aspect of everyday life in Roman Egypt.

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