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Reinfandt, Lucian: Versuchte Einflussnahme auf einen behördlichen Entscheidungsträger. Version 04

Abstract: The paper contains an edition and interpretation of the Vienna papyrus Austrian National Library A.P. 15.228 recto and verso. It contains on its recto a list of taxpayers and on its verso a private letter with administrative background. Both texts have been written by the same person, an alleged member of a local financial office in Middle or Upper Egypt. Although the texts do not belong together at all by content, the edition of both notwithstanding is the only way to make possible an understanding of the letter on verso. The whole story highlights various important aspects of early Islamic administration, e.g. personal relations between members of the administrative body; the mechanisms of loyalty and persuasion that made personal concerns achieve success; the habits of recycling papyrus and paper; the development and actual use of Arabic script as well as the use of language (orthography, grammar, style); and finally the mastery of compositional skills of formulary by scribes in both administrative and private contexts.

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