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Reinfandt, Lucian: On Emotions in Early Muslim Administration: The Chancery of Qurra ibn Šarīk, Governor of Egypt. Version 01

Abstract: The following is an analysis of the emotional content of the language in Arabic administrative letters. For this purpose the letters sent in the early 8th c AD from the governor of Egypt, Qurra ibn Šarīk, to his subordinate pagarch of Aphroditō, are examined. First those elements will be worked out that either were destined to express emotions on the part of the sender, or to evoke emotions on the part of the addressee. Thereupon patterns of use of these emotional elements in the letters will be reconstructed, until some final conclusions will be drawn about the rational-bureaucratic character of emotional epistolography in an environment of largely traditional rule and patrimonial relationship between governor and  pagarch.

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