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Stern, Matthias: Drei neue ptolemäische Papyri und das Amtsarchiv des Demetrios. Version 01

Abstract: Three new papyri from the Austrian National Library provide insight into the dealings of a local subordinate of Athenodoros, the Ptolemaic dioicetes of Egypt holding office from at least 197 to 190 BCE. The texts are all directed at a certain Demetrios ho para Athenodoru tu dioiketu, who is without a doubt also the addressee of CPR XXVIII 11. Demetrios seems to have been responsible for various issues concerning fiscal matters somewhere in the north of the Heracleopolite nome: protecting a worker against fiscal demands on the part of a security officer, solving problems in regard to inter-nome tax matters, organizing a grain transport, protecting naukleroi against supposedly unjustified freight charges (the last-mentioned item being the subject of CPR XXVIII 11).

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