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Kaiser, Anna: Flavius Athanasius, dux et Augustalis Thebaidis – A Case Study on Landholding and Power in Late Antique Egypt (Version 01)

To be published in Procházka/Tost (eds.), forthcoming, Land and Power in the Ancient and Post-Ancient World, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of the Research Network Imperium & Officium, Vienna.
Abstract: From 565 to 567/568 CE Flavius Triadius Marianus Michaelius Gabrielius Constantinus Theodorus Martyrius Iulianus Athanasius was dux et Augustalis Thebaidis. Papyri mention him explicitly in this function, as the highest civil and military authority in the Thebaid, the southernmost province of the Eastern Roman Empire. Flavius Athanasius might be not the most typical dux et Augustalis Thebaidis concerning his career, but most typical concerning his powerful standing in society. And he has the benefit of being one of the betterknown duces et Augustales Thebaidis in the second half of the 6th century. This article will focus first on his official competence as dux et Augustalis: The geographic area(s) of responsibility, the civil and military branches of power will be treated. Second will be his civil branch of power; documents show his own domus gloriosa and prove his involvement with the domus divina, the estates of members of the imperial family itself. We will end with a look at his integration in the network of power – both in the Egyptian provinces and beyond.

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