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Palme, Bernhard: Die bilinguen Prozeßprotokolle und die Reform der Amtsjournale im spätantiken Ägypten. Version 01

To be published in: M. Gagarin, A. Lanny (Hrsg.), Symposion 2013: Vorträge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte (Harvard, 26.–29. Aug. 2013).
Abstract: The papyrological evidence of Late Antique Egypt provides i.a. almost 60 bilingual court records, employing a Latin framework for the Greek proceedings. This is not only a rich source for the legal practice of the time but also for the transition of protocols from the Roman period to those of the Late Antique period. Moreover, it will be shown that they bear witness to a wide-reaching reform of the written documentation procured by Roman courts.

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