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Palme, Bernhard: Die Reform der ägyptischen Lokalverwaltung unter Philippus Arabs. Version 01

To be published in: A. Kolb, U. Babusiaux (Hrsg.), Das Recht der Soldatenkaiser: Rechtliche Stabilität in Zeiten politischen Umbruchs.
Abstract: This paper deals with the various layers of administrative reform in Egypt under Philippus Arabs. The reform itself changed the administrative structures to a large degree, replacing offices with other offices and resetting and regrouping the areas of responsibility attached to them. All three levels of administration – gau, toparchies and local villages – were affected by the changes in administrative structure, probably even the procuratorial layer. Although the modifications were extensive, the reform process itself seems to have been a reaction to the new situation caused by the establishment of the bulai and the constitution antoniniana which necessitated the adaption of former structures.

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