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Tost, Sven: Die Interaktion zwischen Polizei- und Justizbehörden im spätantiken Ägypten. Version 03

Abstract: The paper addresses the relationship and interaction of police and judicial authorities, thus the interplay of law enforcement and jurisdiction. It aims at a clearer understanding of the allocation of responsibilities by tracing the overlapping of several (local as well as provincial) administration departments through the course of the procedure from the outset of police operation through to litigation and court decision. To be published in: H. D. Baker, M. Jursa, H. Taeuber (eds), Administration, Law, and Administrative Law. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of the Research Network Imperium and Officium. Comparative Studies in Ancient Bureaucracy and Officialdom. Vienna, 24–26 November 2011.

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